MySQL Connection Setting

* What are the connection settings for my MySQL database?

*What is my database name, my database username, and my database password?

The hostname to connect to is "localhost" if connecting from a script on the server,  The database name and username need to be entered exactly as they appear in the MySQL manager in your control panel (CPanel) ie cpanelusername_dbname, etc. The password is the one you specified when creating the username.

When you create a username in cpanel, please be aware that there is an 8 character limit. Extra characters will be dropped.

Also, you can have more than one username for a database. If you forget your user password, you may either find it in the script's config file or add a new user to the database and edit the script's config file.

Please make sure you have added the database user to the database. You must select the user and the database from the drop-down lists and then click on the "Add User to DB" button. You should see connection code provided if you have done this.

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