Dec 4th Invisible reCaptcha WAF

We have installed Google based  reCaptcha  WAF to deter botnet. 
we have noticed increased botnet activities  trying to guess (brute  force) admin login  credentials recently.
This  will save up site'  resources  (CPU,  RAM, process) and prevent overloading.
Thank you for your  understanding.


Support  Team

Nov 7th Horde Webmail Removal from cPanel

Horde support will be removed from cPanel & WHM starting with Version 108. 

This is because Horde does not support PHP 8.x, and PHP 7.4 reaches End of Life in November 2022.

cPanel Inc  have removed the Horde webmail interface with in future versions.

The system will automatically migrate all Horde calendars and co... Read More »