1. Promotional price is only valid for new .com.my and .my domain name submission from 1st –
31st August 2019
2. New registration fee for .com.my or .my (1 year) is RM20 (Excluded of 6% ST).
3. Unpaid invoices/ordered will be removed by Datakl on 31st August. 
4. This promotion is not applicable for renewal and advance payment.
5. This promotion is not applicable for domain name submission before or after promotion period.
6. New Registration from “Transfer Domain” process is applicable for the promotion provided that
the domain name registered during the promotional period.
7. MYNIC shall not incur nor in any way reimburse any costs incurred during the active operation of
the domain names (through websites and/or emails and/or related services).
8. MYNIC reserves the right to change, amend and/or withdraw this price promotion without prior
9. MYNIC, reserves the right to reject any registration of domain names without prior notices. The
domain name registration shall be subject to MYNIC approval.


Thursday, August 1, 2019

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