Our Client area section is now on 2048 bit SSL to ensure confidentiality and security of information.

Essential for e-commerce:

SSL Secure Socket Layer is absolutely essential for any website collecting sensitive information online. On your computer, you can see it as the little padlock in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser, when you send or collect information online.

If you go to an unsecured website, you transmit information over many computers and networks, practically inviting hackers to steal this information like passwords and credit card information. Obviously, that's not something you want to fall prey to. SSL ensures that this does not happen.

SSL ensures safe transactions:

To make sure that no hacker can intercept and misuse information being collected online, SSL does two things:

  • Encrypts it with a hidden key on the user's computer before the information is sent out;
  • Sends the key to the receiving computer using another encryption system called RSA. With this key the information collected online can be decoded.
  • A 128-bit public encryption key and a 1024-bit private RSA key are unbreakable today. They are also part of most web browsers and web servers.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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